The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 2, Episode 25 - Halloween, Part 1 - Nightmares and Mina’s Crazy Halloween Party

October 19, 2020


- They are back on set to tape season 4, and along with it comes strict new protocols to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on set. Things like 3x per week testing for cast and crew and wearing shields and masks. We do wonder though, what will this new season look like with these protocols in place?

- Conrad Ricamora from How to Get Away with Murder is cast in a recurring role as Dr. Jake Wong, a gay plastic surgeon who is also an amateur musician. Oh, and Bell's former step son. What will this new character bring to the show? We're glad to see more LGBTQ representation. We're also wondering what this will bring to Bell's background. Also, is adding another new character too much? 


This podcast is part 1 of 2 of our Halloween special. In this one, we discuss "Nightmares", episode 2x06. Directed by David Crabtree and written by Todd Harthan and Andrew Chapman.

- Mina's crazy Halloween party

    - Nic worries about her newly sober sister at the party so much she has a panic attack. Can we talk more about Nic's mental health? This was a dropped opportunity.

    - Jessie begins to relapse in this episode. 

    - All of Mina's rules are broken when she leaves to perform emergency surgery. From Irving's crazy costumes to a drink spilled on her rug, it's been a 'nightmare' of a night for everyone.

- Laurie Dante and the teratoma - why we're glad Conrad kept digging and didn't just stop with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

- #CoNic - the conversation about Halloween at the beginning of the episode is adorable and Nic helped calm Conrad down after his nightmare.

- Marshall's late to meet up with Conrad and both us Conrad want to know why. He also calls Conrad out on how closed off he is.

- Conrad's nightmare - Please discuss Conrad's mom in season 4! We need answers - like last year.

- Halloween is one of the worst nights in the ER for medical emergencies, which is something Devon learns quickly when he's only left with Nurse Hundley and Mason, the med student, as back up and a wise cracking AJ during a case with a patient needing two of his limbs reattached.

       - AJ, Mina, Bell and Kit reattach the limbs and save the man's life bringing about emotions for Kit to reach out to her own children and grandchild.

- Bell, Grayson and Grayson's mother

       - We meet Grayson for the first time and along with it he pimps out his mother for a date with Bell. Only Bell has no clue of the connection until after he had slept with her. We also discuss some of the BTS provided to us from Radek and Bruce about this episode. Also, why are you watching porn on the job, Bell? And why does Grayson know the server blocks it?


Camille is having surgery on her foot this week to help remove her bone infection. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery.


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Next week: Part 2 of our Halloween Special - "Belief System", Episode 3x04.


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