The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 2, Episode 30 - Thanksgiving Special - Peking Duck Day and the Day The Raptor’s Families Meet

November 23, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners!!



- The S4 premiere promo!!


In this podcast, we celebrate Thanksgiving by discussing episode 3x08, "Peking Duck Day". Directed by David Crabtree and written by Elizabeth Klaviter and Michael Notarile. 

- AJ's bio and adopted families meet for the first time

- #CoNic's "sexy Thanksgiving" is interrupted by Kyle and a girl who reminds us a lot of Jessie. Kyle and Nic discuss how hard this holiday is for them, especially since it's the first one since Jessie's passing. 

- Conrad and AJ save the life of #CoNic's neighbor's son

- #Feldmore's Thanksgiving with friends and football while Jessica recovers from her wreck

- Thanksgiving is the worst holiday for injuries that send you to the ER. Be careful this year - especially with the pandemic overloading hospitals - and don't deep fry your turkey frozen.

- Logan Kim wants Torres to operate on their VIP patient who has a fully intact turkey wishbone in his throat that needs surgical removal. Bell makes Kim realize why his experience is needed during the case.

- Mina and Bell prefer work over celebrating the holiday. 

- We believe this episode fully incorporates everything Thanksgiving is: family, food and football. 


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- We will be taking the last two weeks of 2020 off to celebrate the holidays with our families, but we will back in 2021 to discuss season 4 with everyone. We can't wait!



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 - Next week: Episode 1x14 - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Season 1 Finale

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