The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 3, Episode 15 - Finding Family/A Children’s Story: Billie’s Secret

May 17, 2021

This week on The Resident Rulebreakers, we discuss The Resident episode 4x13 - "Finding Family"/"A Children's Story". Different websites are giving it different names, so we are giving you both, just to be safe.

Written by Marc Halsey and Anthony Chin-Quee

Directed by Kelli Williams


  • Billie throws Nic a baby shower - and we love that Kyle and Marshall wanted to be involved. Also, this baby is already loaded and hasn't even been born yet thanks to Marshall's gift.

    • Billie gives #CoNic pictures of their moms to put in the baby's room - and for the first time we learn their names - Georgianna (Conrad's mom) and Grace (Nic's mom). We think the baby will be named after the grandmothers - and we both love that idea. However, why did it take so long their names to be revealed?
  • Nic goes into labor!! The baby is on it's way!!
  • Billie reveals a secret to Nic about her past - she was raped when she was 13 and gave birth to a baby boy who she put up for adoption. Nic's been sworn to secrecy, but will this secret come out soon, especially now that he is 18 and contacting Billie about meeting. Something Billie has no want in doing. We both understand her reasons - but feel there's more to this story to come. Will Billie have a change of heart with #CoNic's baby being born soon - or will there be a plot twist?
  • Leela and Devon help a man who was injured helping his tenants out of their building when it catches fire. The man is operated on by AJ and Leela, but doesn't survive the night. Leela doing heart compressions reminds us of Devon from the pilot. Also, we love their heart to heart about needing to get emotional to do the best job they can do - but we still are against them dating.
  • Rose is dating Cain - and Devon hates it. He gets good advice on this from Conrad because it's none of his business who Rose dates - just that her sickle cell isn't flaring up. Devon also dumps Rose on Conrad for most of this episode. Seriously, Dev?
    • Rose is CURED!! Yay! 
    • This episode was dedicated to a patient of Daniela's that inspired this character who lost her life to sickle cell before this cure could be found. 
  • AJ's mom sees progress in her treatment as well - but for how long??
  • Sammie has to have another surgery - this time on her bowels - to allow her to eat. 
    • We learn Jake and Gregg are adopting her, and we love it but are cautious cause Sammie's been so sick and she's almost a pre teen.  We, however, love grandpa Bell bringing her food from AJ's dad's restaurant - which is something from her culture. 
    • Her English is also improving a lot.
  • We miss Kit. 
    • Jane taped for the episode - but it was left on the cutting room floor. :(


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