The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 3, Episode 2 - News Breakdown on the Season to Come

January 11, 2021

In our 2nd podcast of 2021 - and of our 3rd season of podcasts - we are talking all things season 4!

With the premiere this coming Tuesday, we decided since it's been almost a month since we recorded a podcast - with exception of our interview with Eric and Daniela last week - that we would talk about all the new season 4 news that has released over our holiday break. Also, we chat a little on what we did to celebrate Christmas and New Year's, even with COVID restrictions in place.


The Episodes

-  4x01 - "A Wedding, A Funeral" - Airs January 12

    - We discuss the new sneak peeks that released this week, and give a refresher on what you should expect.

   - Written by Daniela Lamas & Eric I. Lu  - Directed by Rob Corn

- 4x02 - "Mina's Kangaroo Court" - Airs January 19

    - We talk the press release and the photos and we note that it's the first appearance of Conrad Ricamora as Bell's former step son. Also, what is a "kangaroo court"?

    - Director and writer(s) unknown

- 4x03 - "The Accidental Patient" - Airs January 26

    - We talk about the press release that was released this week.

    - Writer(s) unknown   - Directed by Rob Greenlea

New Cast Member Alert

Gotham's Jessica Lucas joins the cast as a main character in season 4. She plays Billie, a former neurosurgery resident cut for a medical error and a childhood friend of Nic's who comes in to help Nic and Conrad out after Nic has a past trauma come to light. Jessica is not credited in the first 3 episodes, so we do not know when her first episode will be. Welcome to the show, Jessica!


- Matt 

   - Good Day LA

   - TV Insider with Henry Winkler

- Malcolm

    - Out Loud with Claudia Jordan

    - amNewYork


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Upcoming Podcasts:

- Episode 4x01 Discussion  - "A Wedding, A Funeral" - January 18

- Episode 4x02 Discussion - "Mina's Kangaroo Court" - January 25

- Episode 4x03 Discussion - "The Accidental Patient" - February 1




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Episode 4x01, "A Wedding, A Funeral",  airs Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 8 PM ET on Fox. Please watch live, or on Hulu if you can't.

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Next week: Episode 4x01 Discussion - "A Wedding, A Funeral"

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