The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 3, Episode 3 - A Wedding, A Funeral and the #CoNic Wedding

January 18, 2021

This week, Camille and Kayla welcome their fellow co-admin from the Resident Fox Fans Facebook group, Brittany, to join them in discussing episode 4x01 - "A Wedding, A Funeral". Thanks for joining us this week!


Episode 4x01 was written by Daniela Lamas & Eric I. Lu and directed by Rob Corn.

(This outline isn't in the exact order of the podcast - but all these topics are covered.)


- Loose ends from season 3

   - Conrad declines Kim's offer

- Covid 

   - Our worry for Nurse Hundley

   - The PPE shortage and racial bias against Asians. It's a little too late for us to like Kim though.

   - Elective surgeries are canceled and the surgeons except Cain jump into the front lines.

   - Cain lies to a patient about needing surgery, and our hatred for him grows as his greed and self absorption grow.

   - Devon's dad passes from Covid - and we talk how the working class can't afford to stay home and have to risk their lives to pay bills

   - Kit gets Covid and Bell is there for her all the way!

- The Wedding

   - Conrad and Nic tie the knot, after postponing the first wedding for Covid.

   - Nic honors her mom and sister on her wedding day

   - What's with Mina's bridesmaid's dress?

   - Marshall stands in for Devon as best man so he can attend his father's memorial.

   - Why the cliche looks by Mina to AJ?

- Minator

   - THAT KISS!!! They are together now!!!

- Devon goes to his dad's memorial

   - Him watching his dad pass in a video on the plane to the memorial tugs at the heart. 


- The Ratings 


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Next week: Episode 4x02, "Mina's Kangaroo Court" Discussion  (will be on Patreon early)

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