The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 3 Episode 8: Requiems and Revivals Facing the Past

February 22, 2021

In this Week's podcast, Kayla has a setback with coronavirus. Our friend, Brittany has graciously stepped in to be a cohost again.


In this week's podcast, we talk about episode 4x06 - Requiems and Revivals. Written by Michael Notarile and Emily Diane Pressley. Directed by Leslie Libman.



We welcome newest cast members, Conrad Ricamora (How to Get Away with Murder) and Jessica Lewis (Gotham).


-Conic and Billie. Conic baby is suffering from complications. She has anemia. Nic is having PTSD and needing her BFF, Billie. Also, Conrad and Billie have a past


-Double Hand Transplant Surgery. We talk about Andy, a little boy who lost his two hands due to Septic shock and his dream is to play baseball. His "all-star" surgical team including Jake Wong, new plastic surgeon who replaced previous one that left due to Chastain being a public hospital now


- Interview for CEO. Why was there only men being interviewed at first. Kit calling out the governor for this and eventually accepting the position as CEO


- Hints at Jake and Bell's relationship


-Devon and Irving working in the ER dealing with affects of Chastain being a public hospital. working with patient Norman


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