The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 4, Episode 3 - About Time: Conrad Gets Sued

July 12, 2021

In this episode of The Resident Rulebreakers, we discuss episode 2x04 of The Resident, "About Time". This episode features the first appearance of two major characters (Kit (Jane Leeves) & Gordon Page (Michael Weston)) as well as some notable guest stars (Tanc Sade, Jenna Dewan, Colin Hay).

Written by Marc Halsey and directed by Geary McLeod.


  • Season 5 filming begins July 12th! 

  • Fox should announce the official premiere date in August, but we predict one of the last two Tuesdays in September.

*Watch our social media or the group for updates from set and the official premiere date.


Topics we discuss:

  • The Music Festival
  • The Gilmore Connection
  • Conrad Gets Sued
  • Gordon Page
  • Julian
  • Colin Hay
  • Kit (and our love of #Kitdolph)
  • #Minator (and Mina standing up for herself)
  • #CoNic
  • Nolan calls Conrad out 
  • Irving gives out a statistic about how often ER doctors get sued



July 26 - Episode 2x05 Discussion - "The Germ"

August 9 - Episode 2x07 Discussion - "Trial and Error"

August 23 - Episode 2x08 Discussion - "Heart in a Box"

September 6 - Episode 2x09 Discussion - "The Dance"

*The podcast will return to a weekly podcast when the show returns in September.



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In two weeks, we will be discussion episode 2x05, "The Germ".

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