The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 4, Episode 4 - The Germ: Meet the Barnetts

July 26, 2021

This week on The Resident Rulebreakers, we discuss episode 2x05 - "The Germ".

Written by Elizabeth Klaviter and Jen Klein, Directed by Jann Turner


  • Production has started on season 5! Check out the Facebook group for BTS from the cast and Amy from set.
  • No official premiere date set yet! We expect it to be a few more weeks before we know - but just know we are still predicting the one of the last two Tuesdays in September.
  • We hit 15,000 downloads since we started the podcast in the past two weeks! We also had 1,000 downloads in just 54 days. Thanks for the continued support.


Topics we discuss from episode 2x05 are:

  • Meet the Barnetts (and we recall events from our childhoods that allow us to connect to both Henry and Jasper) 
  • The Chastain crew comes through for the Barnett family and makes Jasper's birthday wish come true and a cherished memory for his mom and brother (We cry so hard when Jasper dies. *bawl eyes out*)
  • Kit and AJ agree on something (they hate being forced to use devices they know nothing about)
  • AJ accidentally fractures an arm bone and has to wear a splint (Malcolm's performance of the scene where it happens never fails to make us laugh during such a sad episode)
  • A Gilmore Girls connection - Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) guest stars as Penny - Kit's patient
  • Bradley's back for a heart valve (and his reaction to AJ is hilarious)
  • Devon and Julian (Bradley and Mina know something is up and they don't like it)
  • There's a hint that Jessica and Irving's relationship has already begun when Jessica provides a set of fully functioning handcuffs for the police party for Jasper
  • We're ok with #CoNic being in the background in this episode (sometimes their relationship really takes over the show)



August 9 - Episode 2x07 Discussion - "Trial and Error"

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September 6 - Episode 2x09 Discussion - "The Dance"

*The podcast will return to a weekly podcast when the show returns in September.



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In two weeks, we will be discussing episode 2x07, "Trial and Error".

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