The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 4, Episode 6 - Heart in a Box: Mina Opens Up About Her Past

August 23, 2021

This week, Kayla and Camille discuss episode 2x08 of The Resident - "Heart in a Box".

Written by Marqui Jackson and Joshua Troke

Directed by James Whitmore Jr.

Original Airdate: November 19, 2018


Recent News:

- Happy belated birthday to:

  • Radek Lord (August 5)
  • Bruce Greenwood (August 12)
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner (August 18)
  • Anuja Joshi (August 19)

- Season 5 News

  • The season 5 poster
  • The episode 5x01 promo 
  • We address the rumors about Emily VanCamp
  • The TV Line Article with the quote from show runner Peter Elkhoff
  • The fact the we still have no title or photos for the premiere - projected date for that is around the first of September.


Episode 2x08 discussion:

  • #Minator 

    • Mina opens up to AJ about the death of her sisters
    • AJ admits to Nic his feelings for Mina - but won't act on them for various reasons. We discuss the speed of #Minator's relationship being sped up due to Shaunette's exit from the show.
    • "Broken Heart Syndrome" and the "Heart in a Box" surgery
  • #CoNic
    • Despite working opposite sifts, they make time for each other
    • Nic also worries Conrad is too attached to Henry
  • Henry
    • Has a seizure playing baseball and they put him on a third drug which triggers QuoVadis to ask Julian to pitch the VNS to Henry's mom - we wonder if this actually happens. 
    • Conrad is against the VNS - but Zoey is desperate to see her son not have seizures. Especially since she has already lost one son. QuoVadis manipulated Zoey into this.
    • Kayla reminds everyone this is the extreme situation of Epilepsy and surgery is a last resort. Meds are the first go to always. She also rants about them calling seizure meds toxic - not all of them are - but also what is the alternative to them - a very unlivable life.
  • Julian learns the truth about QuoVadis
  • Lane Hunter's return and her blackmailing Bell with a sex tape to get out of jail
  • Devon's horrible day
    • He has a racist patient, gets thrown up on and punched by a meth head, but still loves his job because it's his calling.
    • His personal life is in shreds. He decides to stay in Atlanta instead of follow Priya to San Francisco - but also can't stop thinking of Julian. This is the last nail in the coffin for the Devon/Priya relationship.
    • Camille has a rant about racism and healthcare.


Upcoming Podcasts:

  • September 6 - Episode 2x09 Discussion - "The Dance"
  • September 20 - News Rundown
  • September 27 - Episode 5x01 Discussion - Title TBA

* We have reached out to Fox about an interview prior to the premiere - if we get that confirmed - we hope to release it on September 13th. Also, our 5th season of podcasts will start on September 20th - unless we get an interview - then it will be September 13th. *



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In two weeks, we will be discussing episode 2x09, "The Dance".


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