The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 5, Episode 1 - News Rundown on the Season to Come: Part 2

September 20, 2021

In this week's The Resident Rulebreakers, Kayla and Camille run down all the information they have about season 5 of The Resident - which will premiere at 8 pm ET on September 21, 2021 on FOX.

This podcast is here to get you ready for what is coming.

Podcast recorded on September 15, 2021 - so some newer material is not included.


Topics discussed:

  • Another download milestone reached - 16,000  downloads since March 2019!
  • Non-Episode Related News
    • Anuja Joshi promoted to series regular
    • Stephen Wallem cast in a recurring role as Winston Hobard - a blind patient. He will be in the first two episodes.
    • Miles Fowler added to main cast. Will be playing Billie's son, Trevor.
    • Emily exits The Resident after giving birth to her daughter. Iris.
      • Fox head of scripted entertainment commented said that the writers have a beautiful exit for her and that the show can survive Emily's exit. They see a beautiful future for it on Fox.
    • Time jumps are coming
  • Episode-Related News
    • Episode 5x01 - "Da Da" - Airs September 21st

      • Cyber criminals hit the Chastain ER
      • Does this plot sound familiar to you? It should - they did it in episode 2x01 - "00:42:30".
      • AJ has a personal connection to a patient he brings in to the ER.
      • Conrad being a new dad
      • Devon and Leela
      • Guest Stars: Michael Hogan, Tasso Feldman, Jessica Miesel, Denitra Isler, Vince Foster, Stephen Wallem, Glenn Morshower
    • Episode 5x02 - "No Good Deed" - Airs September 28th
      • A doctor is found unconscious in an elevator due to a gas leak - we try to guess who.
      • Why are they recycling plot lines? They had a gas leak in episode 3x01 - "From the Ashes".
      • Billie comes face to face with her son.
      • Bell and Kit come together to hunt for a new neurosurgeon.
      • Notable Guest Stars: Tasso Feldman, Denitra Isler, Vince Foster, Stephen Wallem
    • Upcoming Episodes That Don't Have Press Releases
      • Episode 5x03 - "The Long and Winding Road" - since recording the press release has come out
      • Episode 5x04 - "Now What??"
      • Episode 5x05 - "The Thinnest Veil"
      • Episode 5x06 - "Ask Your Doctor"


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  • September 27 - Episode 5x01 Discussion - "Da Da"
  • October 4 - Episode 5x02 Discussion - "No Good Deed"
  • October 11 -Episode 5x03 Discussion -                             "The Long and Winding Road"
  • October 18 - Episode 5x04 Discussion - "Now What??"
  • October 25 - Episode 5x05 Discussion - "The Thinnest Veil"
  • November 8 - Episode 5x06 Discussion - "Ask Your Doctor"


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Next week: Episode 5x01 Discussion - 'Da Da"

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