The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 5, Episode 6 - The Thinnest Veil: Halloween at Chastain

October 25, 2021

In this episode of #TheResidentRulebreakers, Kayla and Camille discuss episode 5x05 of #TheResident, titled "The Thinnest Veil". We also discuss the origins of Halloween and why this episode was appropriate so close after Nic's death.

Written by: Todd Harthan, Chris Bessounian and Tianna Majumdar-Langham; Directed by: Paul McCrane


Topics Discussed:

  • Conrad's grief and how a patient helps him get closure about Nic's death
  • Gigi's first Halloween and Conrad forgetting to get her a Halloween costume. Luckily, Nic remembered to order one - and it arrived just in time. She made the cutest little chick ever.
  • The witches descend on Chastain - and Conrad and AJ realize the herbs in their tea poisoned them accidentally
  • Devon and AJ have a patient who thinks he's haunted by ghosts - and it turns out he needed surgery to remove a growth near his heart
  • Bell picks up a hitchhiker on his way back from vacation - who ends up being a serial killer. We swear this guy was gonna do Bell in! This plot also allowed Bell to truly express his deepest regret. Thankfully, the serial killer got justice served and will be in jail for the rest of his life.
  • #KitBell - Kit's relief is palpable when Bell makes it back to Chastain in one piece and they leave to eat dinner
  • Kit being Mary Poppins for Halloween is epic. Who thought up this costume? Amazing!
  • #Deela - They start their house hunting journey
  • The scene near the end of the episode with Devon, AJ and Nolan - and the creepy, haunted hospital room felt like it was forced in to the episode for time.
  • The time jump and plot twist at the end of the episode 



  • Everything you need to know moving forward about the time jump
  • Episode 5x06 - "Ask Your Doctor" - Synopsis, Promo, Photos, etc - Tenative air date of November 2 - could air November 9 due to the World Series
  • Episode 5x07 - "Who Will You Be?" - Synopsis - Tenative air date of November 9 - could air November 16 due to the World Series
  • Episodes without a press release, but a known title:
    • Episode 5x08 - "Now I See" - Tenative air date - November 16 - could delay to November 30 due to the World Series and American Thanksgiving


Upcoming Podcasts:
*Tentative dates, could change due to the airing schedule
The 2nd date is the release date if the World Series lasts longer than predicted
- November 1 - NO PODCAST (World Series)
- *November 8/November 15 - Episode 5x06 - "Ask Your Doctor" 
- *November 15/November 22 - Episode 5x07 - "Who Will You Be?"
- *November 22/December 6 - Episode 5x08 - "Now I See"
- November 29 - NO PODCAST (American Thanksgiving)
- *December 6/December 13 - Episode 5x09 - Title TBA
-* December 13/December 20 - Episode 5x10 - Title TBA
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We will return to discuss episode 5x06 - "Ask Your Doctor" - on either November 8 or November 15.

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