The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 2, Episode 26 - Halloween: Part 2 - Belief System and the #Minator Kiss

October 26, 2020

Happy Halloween to all our listeners!



- Camille gives an update on her foot surgery.

- The Resident is hiring set monitors to check the temperatures of the cast and crew when they enter the set.

-The Resident is also hiring background actors for taping of the #CoNic wedding. This makes us suspect it may be earlier in the season than we were originally told. 

- We discuss the latest BTS from set.

- Rob Corn is confirmed as the director of 4x01.

- Fox releases promo confirming The Resident season 4 will begin airing on Tuesdays at 8 PM in January. No official premiere date yet, though. We will announce when we get it.


In part 2 of our Halloween special, we discuss episode 3x04 "Belief System". Written by Marqui Jackson and directed by Ti West.

- #Minator - Mina admits to herself that she has feelings for The Raptor.

- #CoNic - They argue over leaving candy on their porch for the trick-or-treaters while they are at work.

- Cain and the white supremacist

- Remy, Bella and Vampirism 

- Devon confronts Conrad over him withholding pain meds from a patient to get information in the previous episode. 

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Next week: "And the Nurses Get Screwed" Discussion, episode 1x11.

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