The Resident Rulebreakers

Season 3, Episode 13 - After the Storm: Rocky Night

May 3, 2021

This week, we discuss episode 4x11 - "After the Storm" - and before you ask why they didn't take cover faster - Kayla explains tornado season in the south - and also they used it to add drama to the show.


Written by Peter Elkoff and Eric I Lu

Directed by Pablo Gomez Castro


  • The ramifications of the tornado
  • #CoNic save their baby chicks from the rain before heading to work. Conrad protects Nic and the baby during the storm - but ends up with an injured shoulder which he shrugs off until Nic reprimands him for it, but stitches him up anyways. Nic decides to go on maternity leave. 
  • Sammie and her surgery - we loved her connection to Jake. What we think will happen to her.
  • Devon and Leela perform brain surgery with power tools on the electrician putting new lights in the SIM Lab. Camille says it reminds her of a Grey's Anatomy episode. We both note we are against Devon and Leela dating, but loved their teamwork in this episode - as well as the show highlighting Leela working through her dyslexia and Devon helping her with it. Also, she kicked everyone's butt at darts when they went to get drinks.
  • Cain and Billie help Rose after she falls in the bathroom - and Billie gets Cain to be vulnerable for once.
  • The paramedic that died after having her leg amputated by Kit. 
  • Also, please more screen time for Kit! We miss the kick ass surgeon.
  • Is Mina being written more emotional now that Shaunette has left the show? What's with that note she left for Nic and the heart emojis she's sending to AJ? I get she's half a world away - but just doesn't sound like Mina.


May is AAPI Awareness month - so we are bringing more awareness to AAPI this month - especially since Camille is Filipino and we have a few cast members who are also AAPI. 

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Matt (May 20) and Emily (May 12) also have birthdays this month. When time comes closer - we will honor their birthdays.


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No word on renewal - but we are optimistic. Remember, we didn't get renewed for season 4 until after the finale last year. Spring upfronts are coming - so we should know more soon!



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Next week: Episode 4x12 Discussion - "Hope in the Unseen"


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